Leather foamcore belt

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Introducing out newest addition to the leather belt line. The leather foamcore belt.

***Please note that these Leather Foamcoare Belts are custom handmade to order and will require a 3-4 week lead time for fabrication***

This belt uses the same high-quality American 12 oz leather on the outside with a very comfortable, yet supportive foam in the middle. (Same foam that is used for custom motorcycle / chopper seats) Sandwiched between another layer of high-quality 3-4 oz soft leather on the inside of the belt.

These belts, like all our other leather belts are handmade to order, and can be customized for you.

When selecting your size, please take your waist measurements where you would wear your weight belt, not where you would wear your pants.   Make sure that you pull the tape tight when measuring.   (This will ensure proper fit) 
XXS (21"-26")
XS (24"-29")
S (27"-32")
M (31"-35")
L (34"-38")
XL (37"-41")
XXL (39"-44")
XXXL (43" - 49")
4XL (48" - 52")
(Larger custom sizes available upon request, add $3 for every 1 inch longer)
for example a 60" belt would be 10 inches longer than the XXXL (50" total leather length), so therefore the 60" belt would cost $30 more than the XXXL belt)