dbgear is a small local Vermont based business with a passion for fitness and lifting.  Dylan Burns, the founder of dbgear, has over 20 years of lifting experience in a variety of areas.  He has competed in powerlifting meets, NPC bodybuilding shows, and Crossfit.

Learn more about Dylan, his love of fitness, and how his background in mechanical engineering led to him creating the ratcheting buckle that is found on dbgear belts in this skyclerk Business Spotlight.




About Our Handmade Belts


Ratcheting Design
dbgear's lifting belts feature a ratcheting design that allows for on-the-fly millimeter scale incremental adjustments in tightness, as compared to the standard 1 inch increments on the majority of current weight belts.

Quick Release

The 1 button quick release function on our buckles allow for wearers to quickly put on and take off the belt to transition between exercises.

Quick and Easy to Put on
dbgear belts save a lot of time when compared to the standard belts. They offer easy feeding of the ladder strap into the ratcheting buckle.

Rugged Durable Construction

Our belts are designed for maximum use and abuse! This tough belt can be taken on and off repeatedly, withstanding the wear and tear of hard gym use.

Minimal Components

A minimized number of components keeps this lightweight belt sleek and low profile, suitable for Olympic lifting styles.