About us

We are a small local Vermont based business with a passion for fitness and lifting.  

Business Spotlight


I have over 20 year of lifting experience in a variety of areas.  I have competed in powerlifting meets, NPC bodybuilding shows, and Crossfit.


Ratcheting Design
- Allows for On-The-Fly mm scale incremental adjustments in tightness (as compared to the standard 1 inch increments on the majority of current weight belts)

Quick Release

- 1 button quick release function on buckle
- Easy to take off quickly to transition between exercises

Quick and Easy to Put on
-Saves a lot of time when compared to the standard belts
-Easy feeding of the ladder strap into ratcheting buckle

Rugged Durable Construction

- Designed for maximum use and abuse
- This tough belt can be taken on and off repeatedly, withstanding the wear and tear of hard gym use 

Minimal Components

-Minimized number of components keeps this lightweight belt sleek and low profile, suitable for Olympic lifting styles.