Engineering and Technical Details


 700 lb tension test on dbgear belt. No slipping, No skipping, No failure. These are some strong belts! They were engineered to take abuse.


Technical Experience:

      I received my PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2011.  My dissertation research was focused on bio-medical engineering, specifically the development of belts and similar devices designed for posture monitoring and correction.  

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     I have spent several years testing and evaluating the buckle technology utilized on the closure system of these belts.  (Material Testing System, Tensile Testing, Pressure and Load testing)

 (Belt undergoing tensile testing while monitoring pressure)


 (Ratchet strap and buckle undergoing Tensile Testing)


 My technical experience encompasses a variety of areas including; CAD modelling (SolidWorks), Radio Frequency (RF) inspection of structures, prototype development and testing, hands on fabrication, Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE), sensors, bio-medical device design, bio-feedback and control, data acquisition and processing, statistical analysis, robotics, microprocessor programming, material testing, lasers and optics. Please see my portfolio site for more research details, papers and publications.

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