Ratcheting Gun Belts (Synthetic)

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High Quality Ratcheting Completion Shooting Belts  

These were designed to give you a durable, comfortable belt that will stay securely in place and can be adjust to the desired tightness on the fly.  Handmade in Vermont USA. 


Size Range Actual Belt length
Small 30-36 38.5
Medium 36-42 44.5
Large 42-48 50.5
XL 48-54 56.5


Measurements are not the normal belt sizing, these are measured where you would wear your competition belt, typically over your inner belt and clothing.   

To get the best fit, measure the circumference of your waist with your normal shooting clothes and inner belt on (or a leather belt) and order a belt that has that number in the range. 

This belt is designed to overlap. 

The 11″ strap provides approximately 8 inches of usable adjustment. The length of the actual belt is 8" longer than the smallest size listed in the range. The largest size in the range will still have a 2" overlap. the ladder strap is also designed to be trimmed to length if desired