Powerlifter Belt (1/2" thick)

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These are custom made upon request

***Please note that there is a 3-4 week lead time on custom belts***
***All of our belts are handmade with Full Grain Leather, which is the highest quality grade and strongest leather money can buy. This comes from the top layer of the hide and shows all the natural markings and grain characteristics, and imperfections. No sanding processes are applied to its surface. This makes each one of our belts unique and provides you with an amazing quality, strong belt. ***


Please select belt size and color.

When selecting your size, please take your waist measurements where you would wear your weight belt, not where you would wear your pants.   Make sure that you pull the tape tight when measuring.   (This will determine placement of the adjustment buckle) 

XS (24"-29")
S (27"-32")
M (31"-35")
L (34"-38")
XL (37"-41")
XXL (39"-44")
(Larger custom sizes available upon request, add $5 for every 1 inch longer)
for example a 60" belt would be 10 inches longer than the XXXL (50" total leather length), so therefore the 60" belt would cost $50 more than the XXXL belt)