Nylon Tactical Belts (Cobra Buckle)

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Nylon Tactical Gun Belts

These belts are handmade in Vermont.  They are compromised of 2 layers of 1-1/2 Inch Black Scuba (or Duty Belt) Webbing. This webbing is manufactured in the USA and is approximately 0.10" Thick with a Tensile Strength of 3,600 lbs.  The 2 layers of webbing are glued together and stitched using bonded nylon thread.   

A thinner 1.0” wide (0.04” thick) Nylon webbing is then attached to the outside of the belt.  This Nylon webbing is LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE with a tensile strength of 2,000 lbs

A COBRA® ProStyle – Adjustable buckle is attached to the 1 in webbing to allow for size adjustment on the belt. 

This is a single side adjustable quick release buckle which rated up to 18 kN.


Size Range Total Finished
 length (end to end)
XS (21-26) 29
S (27-32) 35
M (33-38) 41
L (39-44) 47
XL (45-50) 53
XXL (51-56) 59
XXXL (57-62) 65