Foam Core Belts

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Heavy Duty, 4 inch wide foam core weight belt utilizing our incremental ratcheting buckle closure system with quick release.

Superior support and comfort to current foam-core belts on the market.


When selecting your size, please take your waist measurements where you would wear your weight belt, not where you would wear your pants.   Make sure that you pull the tape tight when measuring.   (This will ensure proper fit) 

XXS (21"-26")
XS (24"-29")
S (27"-32")
M (31"-35")
L (34"-38")
XL (37"-41")
XXL (39"-44")
XXXL (43" - 49")

**These Foam Core belts are designed for the average to moderately heavy lifter and have a built in safety feature that will prevent the user from causing harm to themselves. Our  ratcheting buckle system allows the lifter to crank the belt much tighter than other lifting belts on the market.