Ratcheting Buckle Kit

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This kit allows you to attach a ratcheting buckle and ladder strap to your own existing belt.  (Belt Not Included)  Offers incremental, on the fly adjustment and quick release. 

This Kit includes:

  • 7"  Ladder strap (Mil Spec Glass filled Nylon)
  • 1" Ratcheting buckle(Avaialble in Thermoplastic and stainless steel options)
  • Mounting hardware (2 screws and 2 spider nuts) 



Stainless Steel Option: 1″ Stainless Steel Ratcheting Buckle is designed for outdoor and industrial applications in harsh environmental conditions. Base, springs and rivets are stainless steel AISI 304, lever arm is anodized aluminium.

Thermoplastic Option: 1" high tensile strength Thermoplastic Ratcheting Buckle.  Base is a zinc coated Iron, and the lever arm is a high strength thermoplastic.

Ladder Straps:

Made of Dupont Zytel® ST801 and are Super Tough with high tensile strength. They feel firm and stiff.  These straps have memory, and over time will hold a specific curve.


Ratcheting Design 
- Allows for On-The-Fly mm scale incremental adjustments in tightness.

Quick Release

- Quick pinch release function on buckle
- Easy to take off quickly to transition

Quick and Easy to Put on 
-Saves a lot of time when compared to the standard belts
-Easy feeding of the ladder strap into ratcheting buckle

Rugged Durable Construction 

- Designed for maximum use and abuse
- This tough belt can be taken on and off repeatedly, withstanding the wear and tear of hard use